I'm Richard, the person responsible for Richard Bennett Art.  I started drawing and painting many years ago when I was a mere youngster.  I loved art and always wanted to make a career of it one day.  After receiving a good grade, I was marched to the college by my art teacher.  However, even though I was secured a place, I ended up not taking the position in favour of an engineering apprenticeship.  Okay, so I continued with a little art in my spare time, and was even able to experiment with airbrush techniques whist working in the R&D department of my day job.  I was asked to achieve the perfect skin tones for the artificial lower limbs we manufactured (this was before everyone wanted the carbon fibre look).  Alongside this I produced the instruction manual drawings for a new design of lower limb which could be easily assembled for third world use.  At about the same time I was also offered a couple of commissions for a private art gallery in the south of France, which I completed in acrylics. 
Still awake? 
Fast forward over 30 years, and hey, some of those acrylic paints were still usable when I recently started painting again (it pays to put those lids on).  I've been involved in a few other things over the years, including singing in a pop/ rock band for the past 30 years (on-going), moving into I.T. (big mistake).  Getting married to my wife Claire, learning to sail yachts, having a couple of children, taking up wedding and stock photography and finally the realisation that I need to return back into the world of art.
This realisation started fairly recently when I purchased a Wacom drawing tablet and attempted a couple of freehand drawings using Photoshop.  The Bowie drawing was my second attempt at a picture using this new device.  So far the drawings have taken between 10 and 40 hours to complete, but I'm looking the improve on this.  
It's still early days, but as a result of a bit of exposure on social media I have had various commissions and also completed work for a couple of corporate companies.  I'm looking to add many more pictures to this website, including different media and some crossover composite art as seen in my Paris 2185 picture, which contains drawings as well as photos taken by me.
If you're still with me, then thanks for reading on.  Please feel free to come back and visit the site to see any new art I may've added.  It goes without saying that you can contact me if you want any information about commissions or freelance work.  Or, just for any advice I maybe able to offer, or indeed take on.
All feedback welcome!
Kind Regards
Richard Bennett Art is a place where you can commission portraits of people, animals and more. Commercial work also undertaken.  Please contact rich@richardbennettart to find out more.  Digital Art Photoshop oil acrylic composite painting drawing richardbennettart.com